August 14, 2019 4 min read

Everybody has questions when it comes to remodeling their bathroom. Determining your wish list when it comes to remodeling your bathroom can be a very daunting task.  There are so many wonderfully stylish vanities out there that it’s almost impossible to pick one.  When selecting the best style, size, color, and sink that works best you certainly don’t want to lose site of the size of your bathroom space and most importantly your budget.  We have the answers for you!

Your vanity is the central focus for any renovation and can quickly spice up the appearance for any bathroom.  In deciding what vanity style is best for you, here are a few very simple things to keep in mind when creating your dream bathroom.


The quickest way to make a statement in an otherwise dull bathroom is to include dark colored vanities.  Choosing the darker end of the color spectrum helps create a bold pop of color to a more modern looking bathroom.  Utilizing darker colors with the currently in style designs, can revolutionize an old and tired looking bathroom into a new sleek space!

Take a look at your current bathroom vanity, is it one of the more popular colors white, gray, and gray oak?  Are you ready for change?  A big reason for their popularity they are neutral in color, make spaces appear larger and are seen mostly in our everyday lives. If you’re looking for a bold change then the darker vanity may be your choice.

Now that a darker color has your attention let’s move on and talk about find the right size vanity for your bathroom.


Does size really matter?  Absolutely! It’s important to select the proper size of your vanity and your first consideration should be, “How big is my bathroom?”  Regardless of the size of your bathroom there are many sizes and styles available.

If you find that you are limited on space, the pedestal sink or a single sink vanity will be your best choice.  A big drawback to single and pedestal sinks is the lack of storage.  For larger bathrooms you will want to be aware of how many people will be using the sink.  If multiple people will be using the vanity at the same time, look to choose a vanity with double sinks.  Choosing a double sink vanity will allow enough space for multiple people to use the vanity simultaneously.  However, a downside to double sinks is the loss of counter space but you more than make it up in the extra storage.  Which is more important to you?


Now that we have determined that size does matter, let’s take a look at how the style of sink can really change the look of a vanity.  Most vanities come fitted for a particular sink style, so knowing and understanding the different sink styles is important.  You will want to familiarize yourself with the different sink styles and how that affects your vanity choice.

Drop In Sinks (Self Rimming): These sinks are installed above the countertop.  They have a rolled and finished rim that sits above the counter top.  This sink style is considered the easiest to install.

Undermount Sinks: Are installed from underneath the countertop surface such as granite, quartz, or marble.  This type of sink is customized with the hole cut into the countertop beforehand.  Because of this customization, if a replacement is ever needed, this type of sink can prove rather challenging. 

Pedestal Sinks: These are free standing sinks.  They are not typically set in a vanity and are supported by a column that sits directly on the floor underneath the sink.

Vessel Sinks: The vessel sink sits atop the vanity counter where the bottom of the sink is actually resting on the countertop.  The vessel sink is also referred to above - counter sink.  This sink style typically comes in ceramic, glass, or stone.



To keep things simple we can narrow this down to three categories.

Pedestal Sink

Fresca Attrazione 30" Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity w/ Frosted Edge Mirror 

A pedestal sink option is also known as a free standing sink. This does not have any particular storage features around its body but it does come with a powerful look that adds a sense of class to any bathroom. It can fit in well with any kind of bathroom but it can also go along with any theme you want to establish.

Free Standing

Design Element London 48" Single Sink Vanity Set 

A free-standing vanity is designed with some of the same functional features as a pedestal sink but instead offers a square or rectangular look. It can support one or two sinks in a spot.

Wall Mounted/Floating

Fresca Formosa 84" Wall Hung Double Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity with Mirrors

A wall-mounted vanity is a little different in that it is directly mounted onto your walled surface in your bathroom. This is great for how it can fit in well within your bathroom and not take up loads of space in the process.

Decision Time

Don’t forget, the vanity is the focal point.  Taking these simple yet important aspects into consideration will help in selecting your perfect vanity.  When making a purchase of this size you want to feel like you have done your research and know what you want with absolute certainty.  I hope this has helped answer some questions you may have when considering remodeling your bathroom.  We understand these trends can change on a dime. If you come across any questions while doing your own research, do not hesitate to reach out to use.  We will certainly do our best to help simplify what can be a very stressful project. 

Erica – Owner

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